The Do’s and Dont’s of Wedding Dress Shopping

So you’re newly engaged? Guess what me too! CONGRATS! Seriously, I’m so excited for you. I hope you and your fiancé gross people out everywhere you go! There is much to look forward to between now and your wedding and one on my favorite parts is dress shopping. Now, I was very confused on how to go about this new venture, so here are some tips to help you on you way.


•Make an appointment about a week before your desired day. Be on time (not just out of courtesy, but for your own peace), and if you must cancel, do so 24 hours ahead of time. Be sure to check hours, as many smaller boutiques tend to be closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays.

Bring a friend, or two… I personally can’t imagine trying on a wedding dress for the first time without a girlfriend with me. Even if you are not a sentimentalist or hate attention, it will help you relax and seriously, someone needs to witness your beautiful face light up when you see yourself look in that mirror. You’ll be glad you shared the experience.

•Go somewhere you know you can’t afford. Face it, how many chances are you going to have to try on a dress that costs more than your checking account? I had an absolute blast going to Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier knowing very well I could not afford anything I tried on. And honestly, they were extremely gracious and excited to help me find my dream dress when I told a white lie saying my budget was 5k-6k. No one excepted me to buy anything that day, I felt like an absolute princess, and I also found the style and shape dress I felt looked best on me. Next stop… Finding the look for less!

•Take pictures. It’s a myth that bridal salons don’t allow you to take photos in their dresses. It’s expected, as they know you will likely go home and look back at each one to help make your decision.

•Try your hair up and down. You may think you know exactly how you want your hair on your wedding day, but each dress has a different feeling and compliments your body differently. Simply bring a hair tie and slip into a quick bun or pony to see how your neck line and face structure look. Also, TRY ON A VEIL. I was totally not planning on wearing one my wedding day, but as soon as the stylist added one I immediately felt like a bride.

•Say “Yes please” to the complimentary champagne or tea.

•Bring your under attire. Having a bra or pasties definitely helps when you’re a bashful one like I am. I had no idea these stylists dress you in the fitting rooms. Be mindful and where nude panties instead of something that may show through white gowns. Also, don’t get so embarrassed, these girls do it all the time. 

•Check the designers. It is extremely helpful to have a few ideas as to what you are looking for. Most bridal shops carry a variety of designers and it can really assist your stylist to know which you’re most excited about.


•Expect to find the perfect dress your first stop. Relieve yourself of pressure thinking the saleswoman is going to be pushy. In my experience, these girls totally love their jobs and don’t expect you’re going to try on a dress and right away make the investment.

•Worry about dressing up. By all means wear something you feel cute in but make sure you’re comfortable. Especially if you are going to more than one appointment in one day, don’t make yourself cranky from blisters on your feet from running around in heels. I would suggest slipping on a pair to try on with dresses, but have a back up for your toes.

•Be single minded. Try on a few recommendations from your stylist. You may have always pictured yourself in a Mermaid Fitted dress but find yourself loving a A-Line Ball Gown.

•Eat a huge meal right before. I would very much hope you’d have a bite of breakfast or lunch before you go. But trust me, having an over full stomach is not fun while on the hunt. Who feels like being lethargic while trying on their potential wedding dress?! Instead, have something small and DO treat your friends/bridesmaids accompanying you to brunch after.

•Wear a full face of makeup. You really don’t want to have your foundation rub off on these beautiful whites. Keep it clean and natural, wear enough that you feel beautiful, but not so much you hide your face. You want to look and feel like yourself.

•Over schedule. Appointments can take an hour to an hour and a half. I wouldn’t recommend going to more than two in a day. It’s surprising how much it can wear you out.


P.S. Have a blast! Hope this is a bit of help! Any further advice? Leave a comment!

Love & All

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