Is a proposal photographer for everyone?

Girls dream about the day their prince charming gets on a knee. I gotta give the guys credit too because that’s a lot of mounted pressure and expectation to make it romantic, memorable and meaningful. They know everyone is going to ask “how did he do it?!” Now I personally did not see my proposal coming at all. Even though Adam and I had talked about our future and our desires and intentions to spend our lives together, we never talked timeline or details. We didn’t go ring shopping, I never told him the importance to speaking to my family first, I never told him I’d want a photographer to capture the moment… But he exceeded any dream I’d come up with.


Rarotonga,Cook Islands 93
Turama Photography

I am literally shocked he hired a photographer and I must say, I am extremely grateful he did. The moment captured is so priceless and since I was so genuinely surprised it was great to have my stricken face frozen for all of time. But I didn’t at first know the photographers present were intended for this purpose. I simply thought they were a cute couple on the South Pacific beach being tourists, taking pictures of the beautiful landscape. So When I first noticed their snapping away, I almost got a little upset about it. Like can a girl have a moment?! Some privacy maybe? My love just asked me the biggest question of a lifetime ya know!? It all happened so fast and I wanted it to slow down. I even thought, “Is this joke? Is he really asking this?”. There was even a very sweet older couple running up to us from the beachfront restaurant with a bottle of Champaign! Talk about a whirlwind of 2 minutes!

Rarotonga,Cook Islands 116

I always hoped my guy would think of bringing a photographer along, but for the first time I could see why there is a benefit in having it be an intimate moment between just man and woman. After all, why should so much pressure be put on the proposal? This should very well be one of those times that you unplug and step away in privacy.  I think the focus should be on making it meaningful between the two of you regardless of the story you have to tell all your girlfriends for weeks after.

Rarotonga,Cook Islands 99

Therefore, I can definitely see the pros and cons of having a proposal photographer. With that said, I couldn’t have asked for a more special moment. Seeing that man on one knee from my own two eyes is forever burned into a very clear memory. But when I look at the photos we had captured, it really helps savor a moment that flew by in a rush of adrenaline.


I asked my Fiancé, Adam, to write a play by play of the day from his perspective. That’s what’s up next on My Something Good!


Love & All!

Photography: Turama Photography


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