You Are An Element

It is a common saying that we are our experiences. That we are the sum of our life from birth to this very moment. Let’s think a little differently. What if we are not our experiences, pasts, our heartbreaks, our victories… What if we are just HUMAN. If we all knew we are not our parents, we are not our mistakes, we are not our diplomas or our bank accounts… what else makes us? I’d like to compare to the cut of a diamond. The element of the diamond is universal all around, regardless of it’s cut. It could be a Princess cut, Emerald, Oval, Marquis, Pear… but it remains a diamond. The cut may make the element different, recognizable, even shine brighter, but alas, it is the same by principle. Maybe we are the same. Our cuts may shape us, but they are not US. We are diamonds, all of us, and our pasts do make us who we are. What a wonderful thing to think, that these matters life thrust upon us, can only give a brighter shine… yet not make us more valuable than any other diamond. We are all rare, unique, have a different story, have different hurts… but we indeed are all very much HUMAN, created with equal love and value.

Keep shining my beauties!

Love & All

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