5 Tips for Engaging Engagement Photos

Someday you and your husband are going to be old and sitting on a porch somewhere at sunset and you’ll pull out that old photo album (or restore you iCloud because this is the 21st century) and smile at the newness and excitement your young faces had spread all over. Engagement photos are just one of the many exciting and stressful factors in the wedding planning process. They are by no means a requirement but they are an incredible memory to have that will be looked back on. Here are a few tips to take a little load off of your shoot planning.

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Where: Location, to me, is the most important element in planning your engagement session. Think of where you and your fiancé feel most at ease. Is there somewhere that has a sentimental value to it? Some options are in home sessions, out in nature, urban city, or even choosing multiple locations that have special memories such as your first kiss or where he proposed.

What to wear: Be who you are. You should each feel like your best without putting pressure on one another to be what you aren’t. If you feel most comfortable in a cotton tee shirt and jeans why not?! If you and your love enjoy an excuse to button a collar or slip on a dress by all means go for it! I am a huge sucker for outfit coordinating. It’s easy on the eyes to have a couple wear similar color schemes. Plus, it’s just another way to be cheesy with your loved one and get away with it.

Make it a date: For those not comfortable in front of a camera, having something to look forward to can help. Plan a date night, a nice dinner, or grab drinks after your session. The anticipation of a romantic night together will help ease the tension of a photoshoot.

Remember your audience: Ask yourself why you want these photos. Will they be used for save the dates, engagement announcements, sent to family, or to have as a keepsake for your later generations. Whatever you choose, try not to make choices that you will regret later. A sexy photoshoot with your handsome fiancé of course sounds very exciting, but do you really want anyone to see you both in a provocative state? PDA and kissing in photos is completely expected. I mean please, this is the cheesiest time of a couples life… but leave a little for the imagination willya?

Be loving: Your partner may not be as comfortable in front of a camera as you. Remember, being pushy only adds tension and the last thing you want is to arrive at your shoot in grumpy moods. Instead be extra patient and loving towards each other. Maybe even make them breakfast the morning of, or buy her some flowers, write a sweet note and hide it in his pocket. Anything that helps remind them that the purpose of these photos is to capture this special time in your lives together, and that you very much appreciate their participation.

Photography: Krystle Akin

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