Girls day out in the Gardens

Looking for something new to do in LA? Got somethin’ good for ya: Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Oh, so you’ve heard of it? I may be behind the curve here, but until recently, I actually thought these beautiful gardens were near Huntington Beach. To my surprise, Waze dropped me in the sweetest neighborhood sitting […]

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Dessert For Two

So I have a bit of a sweet tooth, what can I say. In the warmth of summer, I had a hankering for white wine and a slice of rich chocolate cake. With the Spanish inspired architecture of this private estate, cream and green dominated the color pallet. When I laid eyes on the small […]

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Featured Couple: Eric & Staci

Staci was 18 and Eric was 23. They were on a 7 day cruise with their families to the Caribbean. She was from New Jersey and He was native to Florida. This love story is worthy to be a modern day Titanic… but set in the tropics and ends in happily ever after. Eric: “I […]

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