Meditation for the traffic filled mind

I used to judge meditation. Writing it off as a hobby astrology buffs and yogis partake in. But as of recently, I have found my mind wondering and obsessing over thoughts and situations that have no place in my life. It has always been a challenge for me to filter my feelings and behavior through logic. As I have gotten older, I am coming to realize a lot of that comes from my mind firing too fast and how much the power of a breath can bring a bit of ease. Before you roll your eyes and move onto another daily activity, I ask you give this a chance. You may find, as I have, the significant impact taking a pause on your day can impact your well being.

3 guided apps to get you started:

Headspace: Each session lasts about 10min. Which for me sounded like a lot to begin with. But this app has been my favorite. With 10 sessions you are guided through the basic principles of mediation practice in a very simple comprehensive manner.

Simple Habit: With different mediation themes such as Fresh Start, Letting Go, Sharpening Focus, and Drift to Sleep, you will find something that fits your immediate needs. I also love there are various lengths with each session. If you only have 5 min. to give over, they have something for you.

Living In Love: What’s great about this app is that you can customize your meditation experience. Mix and match 5 guided meditations with 5 musical tracks to create 25 unique meditation experiences. With this app you have the control for a personalized practice.

Some other tips:

Breathe: The gift of our breath is a truly incredible thing. When we stop and focus on our breathing we remind ourselves the fundamentals of being alive. With this rising and falling of our chest we continue to exist. When our attention is brought to this basic, the noise, stress, and anxieties of our day take a back seat, and we are reminded of the gift of our presence.

Don’t force it: When you go to bed at night, you don’t fall asleep by forcing it. In fact, the more pressure you put on yourself, the less likely you are going to get some rest. The same applies to meditation. Don’t force down any negative or hurtful thoughts. Instead, if they come up, simply see them as passing cars. Sit on the side of the road, separate from them all and let them go by.

Don’t grade yourself: This is no easy practice, and no day is going to be the same as the next. There will be some times you feel you had a more focused meditation, but there is no bad practice. Consistency is what really matters. So make a set time for yourself, maybe in the morning, and add it to your routine. When you consistently show up for things that benefit your well being, your self esteem rises along with it.

Wishing you a week of peace.

Love & All

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