Girls day out in the Gardens

Looking for something new to do in LA? Got somethin’ good for ya: Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Oh, so you’ve heard of it? I may be behind the curve here, but until recently, I actually thought these beautiful gardens were near Huntington Beach. To my surprise, Waze dropped me in the sweetest neighborhood sitting beside Pasadena. Tickets for general admission typically are $25, however they offer a Free Day the first Thursday of every month! To jump on the deal, you must reserve tickets the first day of the month prior to your desired visit. For example: if you wish to visit on October Free Day, you may reserve tickets beginning September 1st. They provide a limited amount of tickets for Free Days, so I would suggest getting on their site when the reservations become available at 9am. There is a limit of up to 5 tickets per request and you may choose between two arrival times: morning (10 a.m.) or afternoon (1 p.m.). I would also suggest making reservations for their Tea Room extra far in advance, as they fill up very rapidly on Free Days. Next, call up a few girlfriends, pack a picnic, and smell the roses!

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