DIY Water Color Cake Topper

I have a very large sweet tooth and a love for DIY projects, so when it came time to create a cake topper for our engagement cake, I was pretty excited. Adam and I always call each other bear, as it is our favorite animal and we love the outdoors. In fact, Adams exact words […]

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You Are An Element

It is a common saying that we are our experiences. That we are the sum of our life from birth to this very moment. Let’s think a little differently. What if we are not our experiences, pasts, our heartbreaks, our victories… What if we are just HUMAN. If we all knew we are not our […]

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Welcome to My Something Good!

My name is Anna Lisa and ‘My Something Good’ is a blog created to inspire and encourage. It has always been a passion of mine to creatively develop the ordinary into something beautiful. I am very excited to share with you topics covering lifestyle, design, styling, and a weekly lesson I hope brings a breath […]

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